Our new logo says it all

weblogo2We designed the logo to represent our unique “art and science” approach. The vertical and horizontal lines speak to the precision we bring to every project. “Measure twice, cut once” isn’t just a funny thing carpenters say, it’s in our DNA. We use the best materials, crafted by the finest craftsmen, on every job.

But, precision without artistry is lifeless and cold. Since 1980, our projects have been marked by a certain style that breathes life into every board, nail, tile and window. There’s always something different about a Robertson Builders project. We love the challenge of a client who has a great idea.

Custom doors, hand-textured walls, innovative materials, difficult building locations, crazy deadlines – these are the things that bring satisfaction and a real sense of accomplishment to our permanent crew and our hand-selected subs. We’ve been making dreams come true for Central Coast home-owners and business owners for more than 30 years and we’d be happy to do the same for you.