Century-old Victorian gets a new lease on life

The Village of Arroyo Grande is home to many historic buildings. We were happy to give this 100-year old home a fresh start, as a modern dental office. This job represents the type of commercial improvement we look forward to – a job where artistry and craftsmanship combine.

To put it bluntly, the existing building was in very bad shape. We started by gutting the inside, down to the studs and bare floor. Beginning with the 100-year old foundation, our experienced crew turned the historic structure into a modern, 21st-century dental office, complete with new med-gas plumbing, state-of-the-art electrical, custom cabinets and countertops. Everything was done to exacting medical/dental standards.

Combine the high-tech elements with the client’s desire to maintain the historic feel of the building and you get the perfect Robertson Builders project. We finished the job with custom crown molding, hand-textured interior walls, custom carpeting, ADA compliant ramps and doors, and an exterior that fits nicely with the Village of Arroyo Grande’s unique architectural style.